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Monday's observations

- I overreacted to Jason Bay's .250/.312/.450 line in 267 at-bats against AL pitching in interleague play when the Red Sox acquired him as heir Manny Ramirez replacement last year. Not that I thought he'd be a bust, but I didn't see him maintaining his 900 OPS from the first two-thirds of 2008 as an AL outfielder, even with Fenway helping him along. Well, he's now had 245 at-bats since joining the Red Sox and he's hit .306/.408/.571 with 14 homers and 56 RBI. That's an upgrade over what Ramirez did in 2007 and before the trade in 2008.

- A Justin Verlander sighting! The hard-throwing right-hander fanned nine and walked none against a Yankees lineup a little hungover from the sweep in Boston. That said, he would have beaten any offense in baseball tonight. He still needs to do it twice in a row before anyone should get too excited.

- The Yankees' games against the Red Sox lasted 4:21, 4:21 and 3:09 and featured a total of 35 walks. With no free passes tonight, the Yanks lost in 2:19.

- Memo to Jeff Karstens: it doesn't matter if your team has the game's best defense if you can't keep the ball in the park.

- The Cubs had the National League's best offense in 2008. On April 27, 2009, they had Reed Johnson batting cleanup against a right-hander. The Reed Johnson who is without an extra-base hit or an RBI in 30 at-bats this season. The Reed Johnson who is a lifetime .269/.327/.383 hitter against righties. Incredible.