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Did Brian Wilson's late night cost the Giants a game?

As I noted in this morning's recaps, Giants' closer Brian Wilson blew the save in pretty impressive fashion yesterday, surrendering a home run to Justin Upton. Such things happen from time to time. A batter gets lucky. The stars align just right. Or, as the San Francisco Chronicle's Henry Schulman reveals, sometimes the closer is out too late partying the night before:

Somebody alerted me to Wilson's Twitter page. Unless somebody hijacked the page, we have to conclude the Giants' closer was out very late Saturday night clubbing in Scottsdale. There are a couple of posts suggesting he was getting into it with what he called "overaggressive males." His last post of the night is stamped "about 22 hours ago," in other words, 1 a.m. Sunday.

No one cares about this if he doesn't groove that fastball to Upton, but in light of this, I'm guessing that Bruce Bochy may be a bit more of a stickler about curfew going forward.