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Why isn't Endy Chavez on the All-Star ballot?

The 2009 All-Star balloting has kicked off, and you can vote here.

We have a couple of months in which to moan and complain about the potential choices, the actual choices, and the allegations of ballot-box stuffing, just like we do every year. I try not to get too worked up about the obviously ridiculous things which occur in the course of voting because, hey, it's just an exhibition and doesn't count for anything, right? Oh yeah.

Either way, it's never too early to get a head start on the complaints, so allow me to offer this one: why on Earth is Ken Griffey Jr. listed as an outfield choice but Endy Chavez not? Chavez is hitting .351/.422/.421 and has played brilliant defense in 15 starts in the outfield. Griffey is hitting .171/.320/.317 and has been virtually immobile in three outfield starts. The game is being played in St. Louis this year, so there is no DH.

How upset would the eventual AL Pennant winner be if Ken Griffey makes the All-Star team -- and based on the renewed enthusiasm for him back in Seattle, he just might -- and stumbles around in rightfield for an inning or two and costs the AL the win?