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Pettitte, Rivera tie starter-closer wins record

Another record for Mariano Rivera

Ultimately this probably qualifies more as "interesting trivia" than "significant record" but last night Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte moved into a tie for the all-time lead in wins by a starter-closer combo. Rivera has saved 57 victories for Pettitte, which equals the total Dennis Eckersley and Bob Welch had for the A's back in the 1990s.

What's amazing about the Eckersley-Welch combo is that they hooked up for 57 wins in just seven seasons together. Welch won 96 games for the A's from 1988-1994, and Eckersley saved 60 percent of them. By comparison, Pettitte and Rivera have been teammates for 12 seasons--Pettitte had a three-year stint with the Astros mixed in--and Rivera has saved "only" 32 percent of his Yankees victories.

Welch is the last pitcher to win more than 25 games in a season, going 27-6 with a 2.95 ERA for the A's in 1990, and that year Eckersley saved 19 of his wins. And of the other eight victories, Welch tossed two complete games and Eckersley closed out three games in non-save situations.