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Baseball goes green for Earth Day

Maybe the green peacock on the main NBC Sports page tipped you off, but if not, know that today is Earth Day. Baseball knows it, and they're doing some stuff about it:

Happy Earth Day.

Everyone is invited to the party.

The celebration is happening all over Major League Baseball -- and we even found a three-ounce bag of Yankees Grass Seed at the MLB.com Shop just in case you want to display the very same Kentucky Bluegrass mixture that the groundskeepers just planted in the new Yankee Stadium . . . It is happening in Anaheim, where the Angels actually started celebrating Tuesday night at their Green Day game against Detroit. Fans received an Angels banner made of recycled materials; vendors showcased environmentally responsible products and services, including Subarus in front of the Home Plate Gate; fans who brought any recycled item received free gifts like Angels tickets, movie passes, coupons and other sponsor-donated items. Green Team volunteers walked through aisles during the sixth and eighth innings to collect bottles and cans for recycling.

For Pittsburgh's part, they're having what they're calling a "energy-free game" today against the Marlins, which means that every dollar spent on electricity at the ballpark will be matched with a dollar spent on natural energy resource development. I'm glad they mentioned that, because for a moment there I thought they had gone and signed Robert Fick or something. If foregoing the use of energy is a virture, that guy will be in green heaven one day.

I'm going to do my part for the environment today too. After this post goes live, I'm handing the CTB reigns over to Aaron, walking outside, and falling asleep under a tree for a couple of hours. Then I'm going to watch some baseball, though to save electricity, I'll watch it on a community television while consuming refreshments that require no heating.