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Mike Scioscia's looney lineups

Sam Miller of the OC Register has noticed something funny about the Angels' recent lineups:

Does Scioscia care about lineups at all?

If he does, why was Maicer Izturis his No. 3 hitter on Friday? We all know what a No. 3 hitter looks like: He's traditionally the best hitter on the team (or something like the best). He typically has a bit of pop. He's the star. Maicer Izturis is a fun little hitter, but his name obviously stuck out.

OK, maybe it's a late scratch, a hasty fix. So I look the next night and Izturis again. Then on Sunday, Robb Quinlan is the No. 3 hitter. Well, now. Of everybody on the Angels' active roster at the time, Quinlan was the second-worst hitter last year, ahead of only Jeff Mathis.

Miller notes that this is especially strange for a team that tends to be so slavishly devoted to orthodox lineups (fast guy first, big bopper third, etc.), and wonders if Mike Scioscia has become unhinged.

Not that Sam wants Scioscia to go back to orthodox lineups. In fact, Sam sets forth what he thinks should be the Angels' lineup, the best part of which being Bobby Abreu in the leadoff spot.