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Is Yankee Stadium a bandbox?

Yesterday I speculated that New Yankee Stadium may be Coors East. Today lots of people are wondering the same thing. The former link relays an email from Greg Rybarczyk of the Hit Tracker website, who thinks it's not just the Stadium:

I have been watching the balls fly in the Bronx, and while what the Indians are doing today is far beyond anything I expected, I did expect more home runs in right field at the new park, due to the shorter fence in that direction. However, there is another factor that I am tracking that I think is at play as well: the ball in use this year in MLB seems to be slightly livelier than the ball used last year or in other recent years.

Click through to read all of Greg's detailed reasoning, but the upshot is that, across the board, homers are flying farther than they usually fly.

Of course it is early, so whether or not Yankee Stadium is an unexpected band box, and whether or not the ball is juiced, are matters that are still to be determined. In the meantime, we're left with anecdotal evidence, guesstimation and our own two eyes.

Heck, maybe the biggest test will be to see what happens once Zack Greinke and Johan Santana come to the Bronx. If they get shelled, we may very well have at least a partial answer.