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AM Link-O-Rama

* Reviews of former president George W. Bush's first-pitch effort in Texas last night? "Bush wound up his right arm with two windmill whirls, then fired a high strike." Luckily for him the umpires are supposed to be calling those more often.

* The media in New York is predictably going nuts after the Yankees' season-opening loss yesterday, but manager Joe Girardi said it right when speaking to reporters afterward: "I guess we're not going to go 162-0."

* My general rule of thumb--and I'm sure Girardi would agree--is that it's officially too early to get worked up about any loss as long as the Pirates are still undefeated.

* This morning Craig touched on Ryan Zimmerman shutting down long-term contract talks with the Nationals, but it sounds like Tim Lincecum and John Lackey are both willing to talk extensions with their respective teams during the season.

* Emilio Bonifacio was the subject of my "Daily Dose" this morning after becoming the first player since Carl Yastrzemski in 1968 to hit an inside-the-park homer on Opening Day, but apparently the Marlins third baseman had never heard of Yaz. Yastrzemski retired two years before Bonifacio was born, but then again he retired the year I was born and I'm still plenty aware of the Hall of Famer's existence.

* Justin Verlander was rocked for eight runs against the Blue Jays yesterday, but at least he threw the ball really, really hard.