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Delmon Young on the bench for Game 1

Minnesota's outfield logjam has Delmon Young on the bench for Game 1, which is the correct move against Mariners right-hander Felix Hernandez. During his four-year career Hernandez has been significantly more effective against righties (.629 OPS) than lefties (.788 OPS), so playing the left-handed hitting Denard Span over the right-handed hitting Young is a no-brainer.

Starting fellow right-handers Michael Cuddyer and Carlos Gomez over Young is perhaps less obvious, but manager Ron Gardenhire seems likely to play the veteran Cuddyer nearly every day for as long as he's reasonably productive and the defensive gap between Gomez and Young is so massive that it easily overrides any offensive difference.

For all the talk about his supposed power potential and long-term upside, Young has hit just .292/.326/.413 in 344 career games for a measly .739 OPS that's well below par for a corner outfielder, let alone a corner outfielder who's brutal defensively. Unless the Twins trade an outfielder or an injury strikes, Young is best suited for platooning against left-handed pitching and sitting against most right-handers.