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AM Link-O-Rama

* Chad Gaudin may be out of a job after being released by the Cubs, but he'll always have the most ridiculous player headshot of 2009.

* Not to be confused with the best player mugshot, which still belongs to Joba Chamberlain.

* Fear not, Mets fans: Doc Gooden says that nephew Gary Sheffield still "has a lot of baseball left" in him.

* Joe Posnanski writes about his "baseball love affair" with Zack Greinke, who has been up, down, and back up again all before the age of 25.

* Craig Biggio is now coaching high schoolers on how to get plunked by pitches and accessorize with pine tar.

* Glen Perkins' favorite book is Moneyball, but he probably shouldn't tell any of the grumpy newspaper columnists in Minnesota.

* In addition to White Sox-Royals being snowed out in Chicago, Red Sox-Rays has been rained out in Boston.