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Omar Minaya is out of control

As was widely reported late yesterday afternoon, Omar Minaya went off the deep end during his Tony Bernazard press conference, strongly implying that The New York Daily News' Adam Rubin's reporting of the Bernazard shenanigans was motivated by Rubin being frustrated after not getting a job with the Mets for which he lobbied, or wanting to get Bernazard fired to take his job, or something along those lines. At least that's what I took from it. However you slice it, it was bizarre. Go watch it here if you missed it.

Rubin was livid during the presser -- thanks for the split screen SNY! -- and today he responds:

As I told the reporters who descended upon me after Minaya left the press conference, I have never, ever, asked Omar Minaya for a job. Or even career advice. Frankly, I've never been very close to him. What I have done, and what Mets COO Jeff Wilpon acknowledged later yesterday, is ask Wilpon for "career advice." My question: Is it even remotely feasible for a baseball writer to get into an administrative job with a team - any team - down the road and what would I need for that to be achieved?

Wilpon once invited me to his office at Citi Field for an advisory session. I never took him up on it.

Some people are complaining about Rubin's potential ethical lapses in all of this, but I don't have much of a problem with him talking generally with the Mets about his career prospects, if that's all he did. It's a tough world out there, and the kinds of journalistic integrity principles people cite in such situations - you can't possibly talk to the people you cover about anything! -- seem kind of quaint in a world where everyone is hustling to stay alive all the damn time. Besides, this is tabloid journalism we're talking about here. If what they're reporting is true -- and Rubin's stories about Bernazard have not been questioned on that front -- I really don't care what Rubin's career development plan looks like. And even if that truly matters, there is nothing short of Omar Minaya's insane ramblings to support the notion that Rubin wrote what he wrote out of spite or anything. The Bernazard stories were legit news, and he got the stories right. That, as they say, should be the end of the story.

The bigger question here is why anyone lets Omar Minaya near a microphone. Or near the controls of a baseball team for that matter. Bernazard was his guy, and look how well that turned out. The Mets are his team, and look how good that's going. Rather than take responsibility for any of that, he's setting the phasers for "paranoid" and going out and attacking reporters.

If I worked for the Mets' media relations department, I'd be hesitant to knock down the press conference table this morning, because by all rights there should be another one very, very soon.